Quantum Galaxy

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Quantum Galaxy

Le ludiciel disponible gratuitement à découvrir est Quantum Galaxy issu du studio Miles Godspeed.

Il est noté 3 étoiles.

Je le télécharge !

Fiche technique :

Version 1.3.0

Ancien prix : 19.99 €

Description :

Découvrez la galaxie Quantum - on-rails Shooter 3D! Mettant en vedette:

• Action Arcade.
• Simples on-rails contrôles.
• Des graphismes incroyables.
• Évitez de basculer.
• Contrôlez 3 vaisseaux spatiaux.
• Gagnez de l'expérience et de level-up!
• Déverrouiller 13 boucliers et d'armes.
• Transformez votre bateau!
• 20 missions.
• 25 ennemis.
• Patrons géant!
• Musique orchestrale.
• Game Center.
• Pas d'intrigue, seule une action arcade!

>> English Description:

Conquer space for the first time with a completely new "Transformable Ships" game mechanic, on top of smooth Tilt/Tap controls made specifically for the casual audience in this Incredible ON-RAILS 3D Space Shooter! Earn XP, Level-Up and Transform one of 3 BRAND-NEW playable ships on your 3+ hour journey through 20 BRAND-NEW action-packed ON-RAILS missions with JAW-DROPPING RETINA graphics EXCLUSIVELY on the iOS!

For the first time, experience the never before seen innovation of the mobile ON-RAILS genre as you Transform your spaceship in real-time via the use of space Pods and Stations. Watch as your ship morphs before your eyes from a tiny spacecraft, to a formidable star-fighter, to a massive MINI-BOSS! All this, combined with a unique use of friendly AI Wingmen to aid you on your new action-packed space journey.

>> Game Play Basics:

Steer your ship manually by tilting your device left and right, or tap your enemies to engage the ON-RAILS "Autopilot". To maximize damage, it is best to be facing your enemies directly before pressing the right "Weapons/Fire" button. Holding the left "Shield" button will allow you to deflect all enemy projectiles. Prolonged use of the Weapons/Shields will cause a temporary overload. Note that it is NOT possible to fire your weapons while Shields are active until you level-up your starship and unlock Translucent Shielding at Level 5.

In addition, completing missions, earning XP and leveling-up your ship to Level 5 will also unlock new playable spacecraft for FREE. You may also skip the RPG grind and instantly level-up via the use of optional In-App Purchases. Each In-App Purchase can also be Restored, thus allowing you to instantly unlock playable ships on multiple iOS devices.

YouTube game play trailer: http://youtu.be/wpAzofgjmKE

Quantum Galaxy

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